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Landing: Round 2

All players that can do. Have chosen to make planet-fall. This means more planets and colonies for some, But it means WAR FOR OTHERS!!!!

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Movement: Round 2

Movement was split in this round into two distinct groups, those that wished to claim more planets and influence and those who wished to aggravate their foes. All attempts at ship combat and influence field attacks failed leaving three planets now surrounded by enemies. The Space Wolves are seemingly living up to their name and could be involved in all of the combat this round. The Death Guard defied expectation and moved in the opposite direction of all possible conflict. Perhaps most interestingly was the brave move by Gulliman’s Ultramarines who entered the warp and were transported to just outside Fenris. Has the lord commander of the imperium grown tired of the way the fenrisians have mutated to far from his fathers ideals or is this an attempt to offer his brothers support. Either way, next round will tell all.

Oh and those pesky Goffs, seem to be planning a full scale invasion of Baal.

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Victory: Round 1

After the first round (surprisingly) no one is ready to use their power to close the warp and attempt to declare themselves Emperor. However there is a change in the leader board.

The fight to be crowned Lord Commander (changed from venerable leader, Gulliman’s title) is now well underway. It’s a draw at the top between three Imperial factions. where this one goes who knows.

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Influence: Round 1

Their influence began to extend out into the galaxy. Big gains were in store for the armies of the Imperium. The Space Wolves and the Chaos Alliance of Tzeentch moved so close that they cancelled each other out.

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Combat: Round 1

The blood god will not be pleased. No combat has occurred this phase. Hang your heads in shame.