How to Play



The lore of the game now states that things have become much worse for the imperium, the warp has expanded across the galaxy linking the eye of terror with the maelstrom and beyond. The cicatrix maledictum or Rift has opened up across the galaxy and the spread of chaos is imminent. The emperor seated on his golden throne kept alive by machinery can no longer use his great psyker abilities to maintain control of the galaxy. Planets have fallen silent, communication has been lost. What will become of the galaxy is now in the hands of fate.

How to Play

Before the campaign begins or before you join an ongoing campaign. Pick a faction to play as in the fight for the galaxy.


Getting Started

You will begin the game on your faction’s home planet. If it’s not on the map then the closest approximation will be used. If you join the campaign part way through you’ll begin on your home world as long as it hasn’t been claimed yet. If it has been claimed you’ll begin as your two ships from a random spot in the warp.


Each faction has two ships that start the game on their home planet (Ship A and Ship B).

Each ship can move up to 3 hexs in any direction per round. Starting with the youngest player they move their first ship followed by the next oldest and so on. Once everybody has moved their first ship each player starting with the oldest player moves their second ship. Movements are performed by sending a message to me in the following way. Ship A to Hex 4 or Ship B to Hex F and so on. Your faction’s available movements can be seen at


Effects on Movement

A couple of things effect movement.

Moving into a space that contains a planet immediately stops that ships movement, to allow for navigating that planets gravitational field. Plus you may want to land there.

Moving into a space containing ‘warp’ may trigger an event. Roll 1 D6. On a 1 your ship is taken by the dark gods. Next turn your ship begins back at your home planet.

On a 2 ,3 or 4 you lose your way inside warp space and end up at a random warp space somewhere else on the board.

On a 5 or 6 you have successfully navigated the warp. You may freely choose another Warp space on the board and move your ship there.

Your movement turn for that ship then ends.

Warp Exceptions

There are two space in the warp that ships can move through freely without penalty as long as they don’t finish they’re turn on that hex.

Planets located in the warp require a roll to decide the ships fate  on the warp table also. Sorry fans of Cadia.


Ship Combat

If you finish your turn in the same hex as another player’s ship then one or both of you may be destroyed. Decide if you wish to attempt to attack the other player’s ship, (You may be allies so don’t want to). If you do want to attack both players roll a D6 on a 1 or 6 their ship is destroyed. The ship is returned to its home planet, it may move next round.

Landing Phase

If one or both of your ships finished they’re movement on a planet space then during this phase they can choose to land on that planet.

If the planet is unclaimed then a garrison is established on the planet and the planet is now considered in your control.

If the planet is controlled by another player then landing is considered an act of war and combat will follow in the next phase.


Combat Phase

Landing on an occupied world is an act of war and combat must be resolved.

Combat is resolved on the table top using 40k rules.

Using power Levels, players face off with evenly sized armies.

(Errata: Arranging combat follows the following process.

1: Defending player sets the power level limit of the forces. However if the attacking player cannot reach this limit with the forces available to them they can request an ally or allies to assist them in reaching the limit set by the defending player. If the limit still cannot be reached the attacking player can either opt to play with an underpowered force and utilize the open war cards that give them separate win conditions from their opponent or request the Defending player lower the power level limit. (Be kind to us Josh!)

2: The Attacking player’s responsibility is to arrange the date and time for the battle to take place. If after a significant period of time (Generally if everyone’s getting eager to get on with things) you have not been able to get a date together for a game. It is entirely acceptable to ‘deputize’ another person or player as a ‘Proxy General’ to play in your place. However you micro manage this general is up to you, you can be as intrusive as watching and making orders over skype to just leaving it up to them.

3: Roll-Off for initiative. The winner chooses the scenario that is played in open play. Draw three scenarios from the Open Play deck. The Player with initiative can choose the scenario from these three scenarios and the three generic scenarios in the core rule book. If the scenario specifies an attacker and defender then the Attacker and Defender take these roles.

4: FIGHT! And make the games master aware of the result. The winner gets the planet, if it’s a draw the attacker can choose to continue to fight on the next turn or surrender.         

A note on Multi-Player battles: A Multi-Player battle is when three or more players are all battling for the same planet in the same turn. This can happen if two or more players manage to survive long enough to land on a occupied hostile world. Multi-Player battles must follow the ‘Multi-Player’ battle set up instructions detailed at the back of the core rule book. This is because there are balancing issues that must be adhered to in order for the gameplay to be fair. For all other purposes the defending player in these scenarios is always the original owner of the planet (if combat roles over because of a draw another player may come and get involved). The attacker is the first player to have moved to the planet in preparation of landing.

At this stage, let’s not worry about detachments, battle forged armies or points. Just a gentleman’s agreement to a fair fight. Let’s get collecting and the rules can be expanded later.

Other players present on the day combat is being resolved can participate with their armies on one of the players teams. Just make sure that both sides have equal power levels.

Influence Phase

Any planet you have a garrison stationed on will emit a ‘Zone of Influence’ into all adjacent hexes.

So you may only have a garrison on Terra but your influence may extend to mars, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to conquer it in order for it to count as one of your planets.

Your influence circle can only be interrupted by the warp, a controlled Segmentum and other players influence.

Flying a ship into the influence of another player may lead to you being intercepted by their psychic influence and destroyed, for every space that you move into or through that another player has influence over role a D6 on a 1 your ship is destroyed and must begin its turn back at the your home planet in the next game round. Players can choose not to try and intercept opposing players, for instance if they are in an alliance.


Segmentum Control

The galaxy was divided into 5 segmentum by the imperium for ease of governance and control.

If you have a garrison stationed on every planet within a segmentum then the segmentum itself is considered under your control and your influence fills the entire segmentum. Oposing players moving through this segmentum have their chance increased of being brought down by your psychic influence. On a 1 or a 6 the enemy ship is destroyed. Capturing segments can really help fortify your world and is a requirement of becoming emperor. Just remember you can’t influence warp space.

Other players influence cannot penetrate your segmentum whilst it is under your control.


Victory Phase

If you, Control your home planet, and have control of a segment you can use your power to close the warp. When the warp closes you must have control over 50% more planets as the next player. You must hold this for two rounds beginning the next round.

If you are successful then the campaign ends with you declared the new emperor bringing stability back to the galaxy. If you fail however the warp jumps back into existence, roll a dice for each of your planets, on an odd number it is lost from your control and your garrison is destroyed. On an even number you fight off the daemons of the warp and maintain control of that world.

Two more titles are awarded at the end of the game. Warmaster and Venerable leader.

To be declared warmaster you must be top of the warmaster league when the campaign ends. Every time you enter combat you score 3 points for a victory 0 points for a loss and 1 point for a draw on the warmaster league table.

Venerable Leader will be awarded to the player who writes their name into the annals of the galaxies history through their shrewd leadership. At the end of the game round you score 2 points for each planet with a garrison and 1 point for a planet under your influence. This score cumulates until the campaign ends when the title is awarded.

That's It

That’s the game, good luck and any questions just ask me.