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Combat: Round 1

The blood god will not be pleased. No combat has occurred this phase. Hang your heads in shame.

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Landing: Round 1

The landing phase saw every faction place garrisons on new planets. Only the chaos factions gained 1 as both of them choose to brave the warp with varying levels of success. What effect will this have on their influence however.

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Movement: Round 1

The first movement phase saw widespread movement throughout the galaxy as the factions attempted to start to leave their mark on the galaxy. All ships moved to planets with the exception of Death Guard and the Chaos Alliance of Tzeentch (CAT) who moved their ships to the Warp, the gods were kind to the CAT and allowed them to travel were they choose. Nurgle had other ideas for the Death Guard and sent them close to the ultramarine home world possibly to do his bidding.

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The Game Begins

So the start of the game.

After the cicatrix maledictum opened up through the galaxy ripping it asunder screams echoed out throughout the galaxy. Souls being crushed, lives cast adrift to the darkness of space and Daemons wails filling the minds of those who were not strong enough to resist them. And then…. Silence…. Communication lost, what was left beyond the borders of their own planets no one knew. The Emperor’s influence of the galaxy was waning. The time had come to send out the colonists, to reclaim the planets in the name of….

In Segmentum Solar the Imperial Fists begin their campaign on Holy Terra with mars under their control. The masters of defense will have to go on the offensive if they want to reclaim the galaxy for the emperor. Fenris the home of the Space Wolves is surrounded by the influence of other factions, but there’s no doubt they’ll charge into the unknown and control more than just their home world, Armageddon and Elysia.

From the heart of the eye of terror in Segmentum Obscurus the feted stench of the agents of Nurgle emanates. The Death Guard begin their campaign of terror on Cadia where there retched influence cannot permeate the warp that engulfs them.

Out amongst the Ghoul stars the Goffs prepare to unleash WAAAGH! from their home planet of Angelis. Those Ork Boyz will be smashing into as many planets as possible whilst the imperium is weakened.

Close by in the Ultima Segmentum the Blood Angels find themselves stranded on the wrong side of the warp on their home planet of Baal. They control nearby sable but the threat of Ork invasion looms large over their heads. Past the warp and too close for comfort to Terra, the Chaos Agents of Tzeentch lurk ready to strike from Prospero into the very heart of the imperium. Already they have control over the rock, ryza and catchan. Far to the south almost a lifetime from the action the Ultramarines led by the mighty Roboute Gulliman prepare their plan to reclaim the galaxy in the name of the emperor.